Dog Ramps Ideas

Contemporary Dog Ramps

Dog ramps – Building an outdoor ramp for a dog, it helps when it is no longer able to jump or climb stairs. You can buy dog ramps, they can very easily be homemade, which will save money, and you can tailor them to your specific needs. Without a great deal of technical knowledge, and no special tools, you can build a dog ramps.


Design and calculate measurements of your ramp. Adding posts can support a longer ramp, and can add to the overall aesthetics of the ramp. Inserting posts is optional. Portable ramps, such as the access vehicle will not require post. The steps below are mainly a guideline for outdoor access to housing, patios or other raised surfaces.

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Decide where you build the ramp. If the ramp is to be permanent, clear bushes and flowers from below. Cut post to length. You only have four services a dog ramps. Lay out the plywood board to find a suitable incline, and measuring the height at a given point near the lower end. Hammer in your posts and cut to this length. Repeat the process at the higher end of the ramp.

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Nail two solid planks to the edge of a sheet of plywood. These boards will strengthen plywood, and will act as runners.  The motion of a dog climb a ramp is unlikely to move the ramp a lot. If it does, a wooden stick at the base of the ramp holding it still. Sand the plywood to prevent your dog from getting splinters. If your ramp is temporary, keep it inside so it will last longer.