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Diy Wine Rack – There are many places you can buy a wine rack, but if you want something tailor made, you can make your own wine rack. By using pre-made units of shelving and storage, in addition to some additional supplies from your home supply store, you can have a custom wine rack sooner than you might think. Remember that the standard wine bottle is 11 1/2 inches high and 3 inches in diameter, so choose the supplies accordingly.

In addition, wine bottle should be stored on its side or neck down to keep the cork moist, so keep this in mind when designing your diy wine rack. A shoe rack is also a way to store and wine screen. Some shoes racks even look like they were making for wine. Use a cobbler as your base, alter the colors accordingly, and you may have a wine rack that costs very little. Buy a shoemaker that looks like a cubicle with several small square spaces. Retailers, such as Target, sell these types of shoe frames.

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PVC pipe is another material that you can use to make your own diy wine rack. At your local hardware store, purchase PVC pipes with a large enough opening that can slide inside the wine bottles with ease. To do this, make sure that the PVC pipe is at least 4 inches in diameter so you will have space surrounding the bottle.

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