DIY Real Tree Cat Tree

Amazing Real Tree Cat Tree

Real tree cat tree – It seems that there are two ways to live. One is without cats in constant loneliness and meaninglessness how much different love than there. You know, when two women love each other quite a lot, they go to the shelter. The flooding is not over the trees in apartments to cut down. There we cut down one. The tree bark was then off, because we worked with a flat tool under the bark and then pulled a little.

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After it was washed tree for real tree cat tree, a water hose with more pressure we managed to get in the ground filled cavity between the branches. The hardest and the one that took the longest time were to get to the straight surfaces. The tribe is forced to be flat at the bottom, the branches have to be flat at the top to attach platforms.

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Since we did not want to make holes in the floor we had to set it on something else. Various means were discussed, but the smoothest seemed to be turning it into a platform. Three of the longest screws we could find in the store was screwed up in the trunk and mount the tree at the base. The real tree cat tree stood up! Finally!