DIY Kitchen Island Plans

High DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island – Additional storage space or a workplace can be added to a kitchen with the insertion of an island. You can buy an island that is ready or you can save money and build a kitchen island on the cheap ones. This can be done using scrap materials that you may already have in a garage or that have been saved from a previous home improvement project


Measure the width and length of your kitchen to determine the size of the DIY kitchen island that you can build, for example, 2 meters wide and 4 meters long. Measure 2-times-4 discs for the base of the island with a tape measure. Two pieces will need to measure 48 inches and two will need to measure 22 u00BD inches. Cut 2-times-4 discs to the desired length with circular saw.

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Put the pieces in the shape of the DIY kitchen island. Drill two holes at each end where two boards meet the drill. Attached to wooden screw with drill. Measure and cut a 2-foot wide with 4-foot long stretch from a plywood board with circular saw. Measure and cut five 32-inch lengths of 2-times-4 discs with circular saw. Measure and mark the center on one of the long sides of 2-foot-for -4-foot bit plywood. Place one of the 32-inch pieces of 2-times-4 horizontally on the mark. Drill two holes with drill and then attach the disc with plywood with wood screw with drill.

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