DIY Ecological Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Simple

Chicken Coop – For the breeding of animals requires essentially observational capacity: it is the one that allows us to realize if the animals are comfortable in the chicken coop, if they are cold or hot, if they are stressed, etc. The rule goes step by step, in each of the sections that will allow the success in the management of an ecological chicken coop. Its main advice is that you have to observe to anticipate events and, in this way, to be able to act preventively.

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Building a good ecological chicken coop is like building a multi-family dwelling in which you have to take care of the entire details chicken coop so that your tenants have the maximum comfort and they surrender to the task of laying eggs. Therefore, the square meters are important, but so is the interior furniture. The correct placement of feeders, drinking fountains, ditches pit, perches, bed, pointers and lighting is key.

After building the chicken coop, the next step is to raise chickens with their rooster and their chicks. This chapter of the discusses all aspects of how to organize the breeding and rearing, when the chicks are passed properly to the chicken coop, the races to choose, etc. It is interesting to realize that there are different Spanish breeds that have been preserved and that, without a doubt, are part of our agricultural heritage.

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