DIY Dog Beds Ideas

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Stylish Dog Beds

Dog beds – Many dogs like to lie out and look even though they have their own house. Here is a recipe for a simple dog bed! You need a pallet, a pallet collar, a compost grid and possibly a few slices of a durable material for shelters. A pallet with a pallet collar becomes a prized dog bed. But not to the paws get stuck between the boards and not to the straw will go straight through, I put the mulch a grid on the pallet collar. For it not to drift off, nails I fixed it with a staple in every corner.

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Pallet collar wedged on the pallet automatically when the metal wedges in the corners. However, it is easy to remove it when the dogs tumble around in dog beds. I screw a screw in each corner so the pallet collar is that mountain. The screw runs diagonally down and attach to the podium.

If you want to make some extra fine, you can also build a solar and wind protection of two wooden boards. For those who bet on  just do not have better things for you, you can also build a roof to the windshield. Then it becomes like an extra little for the dog. The roof, attach the same way as the walls, look at the picture. Remember that it is good if the ceiling slopes a bit, so do not water and snow is down and destroy. Also remember not to put the dog beds too close or a fence so the dogs can get the idea to jump up on the roof and over the fence.

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