DIY Cat Scratching Tree At Home

Cat Scratching Tree Plans

Cat Scratching Tree – It is difficult to educate a cat to respect the upholstery of chairs, sofa and other furniture in the house. There are minions who use the scraper on their own initiative. They like it, use it daily, even several times. In it, they stretch, polish their nails, make movements that make them feel good, very cats. The first step in building a tree for your cat is to determine if you want an open tree or a cat condo.

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Searching on the internet, you can find plans for all types of cat and cat scratching tree. Cat trees are easy to build with simple tools and things that are found around the house or workshop if you are lucky enough to have one. If not, a trip to your local home and garden store is all you need. There are many websites where you can get plans for cat and cat tree condos. This is fine if you want to go that route. If not, build your own model for whatever you want.

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This is important because the materials cat scratching tree you need will be different. In any case, you will need wood and remnant carpet for your cat to use if in a scratching area. The cat also like the carpet of warmth and comfort. You will have to determine how many shelves or levels you want in the tree.