Disadvantages Honed Marble Countertop

Nice Honed Marble Countertop

Honed marble countertop is found abundantly in nature and has been historically used for the construction of large monuments and coatings of different types of buildings. Disadvantages honed marble countertop; there are two main reasons why the installation of marble countertops in kitchens is not recommended.

Porous nature of honed marble countertop: it is more porous than granite, so it absorbs liquids more easily. That means that if they are not cleaned, oil, wine and other spills can penetrate the stone quickly. It will leave a stain that is difficult if not impossible, to remove. However, it is not necessary to be alarmed either. Since in their manufacture they are protected with a sealant that avoids what we are talking about. The problem is that it requires maintenance. This sealant wears out over time and therefore you have to reapply it in a few years depending on the use.

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Scratch resistance honed marble countertop are not hard enough to withstand bumps produced by heavy objects falling on the surface and scratches produced by knives and other sharp objects. This implies that you have to be especially careful, which is not unpleasant. And since there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the kitchen.

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