Different Side Table Ikea Style

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Nest Side Table Ikea

A corner sofa is great to gain space. To compensate for your visual weight, try not to overload the room with too many pieces. Do you want an ally? Disconnecting from the technological world and also reconnecting with the real world. A side table ikea is the ideal companion for these situations. With a single foot made of aluminum, the table opens like a flower.

We have said many times: the functional does not have to be at odds with the aesthetic. To demonstrate this we show you these colorful and funny side table ikea. Both for interior and exterior, this original model has the board fitted in the structure of the legs in such a way that you can detach it whenever you want, converting it into a practical tray. A removable table with a very practical operation.

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Our side table ikea has such a special design that it will light up your living room. We do not say so, because this table that presents us with comes with a built-in light that will help create a pleasant and different atmosphere in the living room. But even when it’s off, the table has a striking design. With a single foot made of aluminum, the table opens like a flower.

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