Design Of Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen tile backsplash ideas, wall surface located above the stove can be both functional and stylish. The backsplash catches food and liquids that can wash and leave unattractive stains on other kitchen wall surfaces, and it can also be a smart design element. Ceramic tiles are a popular, budget-friendly option for a kitchen backsplash because of its versatility.

Floor Inspiration

If you have a ceramic tile floor, use an identical color and pattern for your kitchen tile backsplash ideas. Matching colors and patterns on walls and floors help create a coherent design. If you work with a busy pattern or unusually light colored tiles, apply tiles behind the stove top area, and use a solid, dull texture such as stainless steel to cover the rest of the walls in your kitchen. This helps to soften textures and tones in your design.

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Create a wall painting using ceramic tiles on your backsplash to add an artistic touch to your kitchen. The standard tile wall painting package comes with a set of large squares that make up mural image and pieces of accent tiles provided with the same theme as the mural. Kitchen tile backsplash ideas, however, may not work if you are on a tight budget as cost per square meter is up to 10 times the cost of traditional ceramic tiles.

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