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Types Of Marble Countertops Kitchen

Types of marble countertops – The most common textures that you will find in marble are polished, honed, aged and bush hammered. Although if we focus specifically on countertops, the first two are the most used. Then keep in mind that texture is a very important feature as it affects the appearance and performance of marble countertops. So it is best that you learn a little more about each of them.

Polishing, it is the most common among all for types of marble countertops; the texture is obtained mainly by abrasion passing grains of different sizes to get a smooth. And bright surface that reflects light and with a very small pore. With this process it is possible to highlight the beauty of the stone to the maximum, highlighting the color, grain and character.

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Aged, obtained by abrasion or by applying a chemical process. The grain used and the time of application in each of the methods determines the final finish. The result is a rough, somewhat porous and low-gloss plate. It is advisable to treat the stone with a protector to avoid deterioration in a short time. And types of marble countertops are bush hammer. Then achieved by striking pneumatically with steel heads producing small grooves 1 to 3 mm deep. The use that is given is mainly for exteriors and in no case as a marble countertop.

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