Decorate Travel Dog Crate

Travel Dog Crate Awesome

Travel dog crate – Decorate an old travel dog crate to use when traveling. The way you decorate the travel dog crate depends on the purpose you want it to work. For example, too many neat decorations fall off your suitcase if you plan to use it to travel, while they would be good if the travel dog crate sitting on a shelf in the house.


Clean your travel dog crate so that your decorations stuck. Use a mild soap and water solution to a travel dog crate. Add stickers, rhinestones, beads or other embellishments to the dog crate to create a design that reflects your personality and decor. For example, add stickers that look like postcards or landmarks are from sites you’ve visited. You can use the dog crate as a memory card of sorts.

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Customize your dog crate with stickers showing your favorite band, sports team or clothing brands. Paint your own design directly on your old suitcase if that’s more your style and you have the artistic ability. Use craft paints that are safe for the material dog crate is made of.

Refinish the inside of your travel dog crate if you plan to use it would damage your place in their present condition.  Glue the fabric to the inside of the suitcase with quick-drying glue. Stack three or four travel dog crate in various sizes and colors on top of each other to serve as open a small travel dog crate on a shelf or table to show a decorative arrangement.

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