Decorate Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless Wine Glasses Picture

Stemless wine glasses are available in various sizes, including large glasses of red wine and thinner glass of white wine. While some people prefer the clear appearance of a wine glass, others choose to decorate their stemless wine glasses to adapt them and provide guests with a pleasing experience. Also, decorated stemless wine glasses serve as conversation pieces for large dinners or events where alcohol is served. Select decorating method you choose, depending on your design preferences and frequent use of your wine glass.

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Clean wine glass completely with a damp cloth. Remove any dust or lines in the glass with the cloth. Set it to dry when finished cleaning. Do not start decorating glass until it is completely dry. Paint a design choice on the outside of the glasses with the little brush and the different paint colors of choice. Remember that glass colors in opaque and transparent colors that can affect how you design your glasses. For example, paint a red flower with a yellow center with a green stem going down the stem of the stemless wine glasses and circles around the foot of the glass. Use solid color for a bold design and open to a subtle design.

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How to decorate stemless wine glasses; allow the glass to dry before it is used. Do not paint the inside of the glass and avoid putting color near the edge of the glass, drinkers do not want to put their lips to the color as you enjoy a glass of wine.