Decorate Blue Wine Glasses

Blue Wine Glasses Clear

Blue wine glasses add a personal touch to items that almost every household owns, making them truly yours. The easiest and most versatile way to decorate blue wine glasses while making them waterproof and washable is to use the bake-on glass paint. Painting can add a great amount of detail. Decorated glasses and vases make a unique personalized gift or goody bag item for special occasions.


Clean all blue wine glasses that you paint on the white vinegar and a paper towel to remove any fingerprints, dirt or greasy sticker residue on the glass.  Draw the pattern you want to paint on glass on paper using a marker. Place the paper on the inside of the glasses with design pressed against the inside of the vase. If you want to color the glass, but to create a design, then a paper design is not necessary.

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Paint the design or the colors you want on the outside of the blue wine glasses with a fine brush and bake-on glass paint. Wash the brush in warm water between colors. Dip a section of paper towel in hot water if you make a mistake and use it to remove the glass paint in the desired location. Leave the painted glass objects dry for 24 hours.

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Read glass painting instructions for the appropriate oven temperature and baking times, and then set the oven to the correct temperature and cook glasses and vases for the recommended time. Turn off the oven after baking time has passed and let the glasses in the oven to cool with the furnace.

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