Deck Stair Railing Styles

Deck Stair Railing Accessories

Deck stair railing adds a level of protection on your deck stairs as well as added decoration to your deck. Select deck railing styles depending on what style of home you have and your personal aesthetic.

Modern tires staircase railing Style

Modern furnishings and architectural values of clean and straight lines and right angles. Mimic your home a modern design by installing modern your deck stair railing. Modern rail generally do not use any undulating curves or busy and intricate carving work. Modern rail will also generally use straight rectangular poles. Modern tires railing styles will have a lid which protrudes from the top of the horizontal top of the deck railing.

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Builder’s deck stair railing is perhaps the most basic type of deck railing. Builder’s deck railing styles will not have any caps that protrude from the top of the horizontal top of the deck railing. There will not be a gap between the deck upstairs floor and the bottom of the slats. Decorative railing suits many styles of homes. The style similar to modern railing that end their caps protrude above the horizontal deck top. The panels and posts are wider than modern styles. The posts will also have decorative geometric carving and extra detail work.

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