Custom Wire Wine Rack

Wire Wine Rack Storage

Wire Wine Rack – While wood is the best material for a large bottle rack to hold your entire collection, you can make a small, decorative shelf on which to hang a few bottles of copper wire. A spiral wine rack made of copper makes an attractive centerpiece or accent for your kitchen and has the advantage over most shelves the bottles may be hanging neck down, to keep the cork moist. And as for welding projects, this is one of the simplest.

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Cut a piece of wire from 15 to 20 inches and preheat to about 60 degrees Celsius, using the torch. Bend the cable wire wine rack into a perfect circle, using the tweezers and welding the tips together. cut the other half again while heating and bending in the middle of an ellipse. Carefully curl a tip in a small decorative spiral. Weld the other end to the side of the circle, so that the long piece is almost vertical when the circle is horizontal. The curve of the middle ellipse must hang over the circular support.

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Cut a short piece of spiral tip and weld on the opposite end of the circle, with the curls connected to the ellipse for help. Cut three pieces wire wine rack of the same length as the vertical column and spiral form the corkscrew. The narrow end should be slightly wider than a bottle neck of wine and the larger end wide enough to receive the body from a bottle.