Custom Mobile Chicken Coop For Garden

Mobile Chicken Coop Triangle

Mobile Chicken Coop – In another article, we taught you to step by step how we could make a portable chicken coop for our garden, so that we could move it whenever we wanted from one place to another, light and especially functional but apart from all that these henhouse have many more advantages of the ones we can think of.

One of the advantages of this chicken coop is that being mobile and being made the same width of the bench, where we grow in the garden, is that once we finish cultivating in a wobbly, we can install this mobile chicken coop so that the chickens will pay us the terrain while living there. To install the henhouse we must always look for the greater comfort of the hens, we will put a nest of dry grass so that they are comfortable at the time of putting and aside also will serve us to go mixing with their excrement and we come better to perform compost or to include it in the garden.

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We could also use paper chips, or even straw, the idea is always to look for materials that come cheap or affordable. One of the advantages of the mobile chicken coop is that the roof, we have it as if it were a small bench, so we can plant in it, any vegetable that has little growth.

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