Create Creative Diy Wine Rack Table

Small Wine Rack Table

Wine rack table – Corkscrews, wine cellars, wine cellars, cabinets like heated cellars, cup holders … More and more wine accessories and articles that enter the houses to stay. But also the possibilities that the world of wine offers to get an interior design as original as practical and homemade. Welcome to the world of “DIY” acronym of fashionable tan “do it yourelf “.

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From the bottles that are used as a vase , or even as a point of light introducing a candle inside, there are surprising ideas to recover containers intended initially for the conservation and transportation of wine. The wooden boxes that are usually kept in good stead magnums or jeroboams are broken into wine rack table with which, one by one, are made original coffee tables to which wheels can be included for better handling.

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Wine rack table are also very recurrent in the interior decoration of wooden barrels. Dismounted from a thousand and one ways, it surprises the party that can be taken as an element of interior design. There are those that use them as a high table surrounded by stools for pecking , especially restaurants. But also as a side table or bedside table .