Coir Doormat Reviews

What Is A Coir Doormat

Coir doormat is the most environmentally friendly mat in the market. Coir Mat is a 100% green product as it is made from natural and renewable fibers in the outer coconut shell. The coconut is de-husked and the fiber is soaked in water for some time. The fibers are separated by soaking in water and then spun into yarn used to make various types of coir products such as carpets, rugs, and mats.

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In addition, coir doormat does not put pressure on the world’s resources because coconuts come from abundant sources of coconut trees and coconut plantations. Cleaning and maintenance very easy to do and easily done by shaking or hitting the mat. Sucking dust regularly on a doormat with a brush even if it does not look dirty after rocking large clumps of land will help extend the life cycle of the mats.

Coir doormat it will also help pull out the invisible impurities from your coir mat, maintaining good looks and helping to remove stains. If there is a spill, make sure you immediately remove the coir equivalent with a clean cloth with no dye in it. You should be careful not to rub your coir mat or allow the fluid to spread even if you cannot completely remove the moisture. But be sure to dry your dry mat.

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