Cleaning Granite Countertop Slabs

New Granite Countertop Slabs Style

Granite countertop slabs – To avoid and remove stains, the granite countertop slabs surface should be carefully protected against stains. And you should be particularly careful with light-glass worktops. Try to avoid dirty chemicals or corrosive peat on the countertop. Note that on a ground or leather surface, scratches caused by metallic objects is highly visible. The best way to avoid stains on the worktops is to remove them directly so that they cannot dry or absorb in the stone. For cleaning, it is sufficient for household paper, water and detergent.

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The longer spilled substance remains on the granite countertop slabs surface, the greater the likelihood that it causes a stain that is difficult to remove. To remove more difficult stains, special cleaners for natural stones. Suitable detergents are available on Diapol or in retail. We recommend washing the counter top again with clean water and detergent after use of detergent.

Although the granite countertop slabs is a highly reassure material, always recommend to use cutting boards. Consistently working without cutting boards damages both the steel pile and the bench plate; the shine on the surface disappears and the likelihood of streaking increases. Although the granite countertop slabs has a high heat tolerance, we recommend using special heaters for vessels coming directly from the stove or oven. The heat sink also prevents the rough grouts from damaging the pulley.

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