Choosing Handicap Stair Lift

Handicap Stair Lift Commercial

Handicap stair lift help the disabled navigate obvious challenge of changing levels. There are several types of stair lift which can be installed in a house, depending on the available space. They can be an expensive commodity for buying and users should report what is best suited for their needs.

The shape of Stairway

The shape of the steps affects what type of handicap stair lift you should buy. For straight staircases, is the most appropriate a straight stair lift. These are generally the least expensive stair lifts and the easiest to install, with some parts that can be customer installed. These are counted for the largest share of stair lifts in the market. For curved staircases, is a curved stair chair lift is required, which must be custom installed. Installation costs makes them more expensive, plus the fact that the mechanisms are more sophisticated in curved stair lifts.

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If space is limited, then a perch stair lift may be necessary. Which disabled user has an impact on the handicap stair lift? If unable to walk or stand, then a chair stair lift is the best option, while others may want a standing stair lift to save space. There are a number of manufacturers that includes both features to give users a choice.

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