Choosing Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Rustic Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Butcher block kitchen island – Space is limited in most modern kitchens. When you are in pain of work surfaces, cooking is more of a pain than a pleasure. An economical alternative to installing the new cabinet is to go modular: Get yourself a lovely wood-top butcher island block kitchen. Here are tips for picking out a butcher island block kitchen that works for you and your kitchen space


Expect to pay everything from a few hundred dollars to the most utilitarian. Butcher block Kitchen Island made of cheap wood to thousands of big kitchen islands made of the best woods. Take the look into account when you decide on the style in the kitchen island. One could think that with beautiful wood, it’s hard to go wrong. And that’s true to a point. Bypass the more ornate butcher’s kitchen island and keep the theme consistent if your kitchen is utilitarian. For finer, high-style kitchens, one more exquisite may be very suitable.

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Determine if you want to melt, to supplement or to stand out when choosing wood. If you mix carefully then match the wood used in the cooking bench kitchen oak exactly, carefully so as not to “collide” the wood fiber colors. If you supplement and then go to contradictions: If your butcher block kitchen island is dark, choose a bright wood finish like birch tell the world your kitchen is a party of wood and its variants.

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