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Chicken Coop Plans DIY

Chicken Coop Plans – A chicken coop(or also referred to hen house) is a type of building designed and built for female chickens to stay in. Inside the chicken coops perches (for the birds to rest and sleep) and nest boxes (for the layers to lay their eggs in) are featured in though coops for the broiler may lack a features or two like nest boxes.

The chicken coops are subdivided into an indoor area(where the bird will enter to lay its eggs or to sleep through the night) and the outdoor area (where the chicken will feed and spend most of their day). Plans for built a chicken coop plans will depend on various factor, as well as your purpose and goals for DIY the chicken coop. Some of the factors for building chicken coop include: Chicken just like any other domesticated animals needs to be protected from bad weather conditions which include extreme hot, cold, rain or windy weather conditions.

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Extreme weather conditions can spread diseases or even can cause the death of the bird and this can be a huge loss for a farmer who keeps the chicken for its products. Chicken is a domesticating animal which only forages during the day to feed and rest during the night. It is during the night that dangerous predators hunt for food and they can easily attack your birds if they have not been secured a chicken coop plans safe shelter to spend the night.

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