Cat Trees For Large Cats

Cat Trees Baltimore

Cat trees – Cats have plenty of energy. They are also curious too. Keeping them in an area where they cannot climb, scratch, play and explore can make them very frustrated. This can cause them to use your furniture and shelves as scratchpins and climbing chambers. We all know what that means, torn furniture and picture frames or decorations on the floor. Not to mention how many times you go home to find your cat on top of a kitchen cupboard.

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Give your cat a place to exercise and play away from your furniture. Cat trees offer the best solution for it. They let your cat feel like they have a room that everything belongs to them. As I said before, CINTA cat climbs. They have a natural instinct to climb, just like their larger cousins in the wild. The cat tree is the best way to keep your cat happy. And as the name suggests, it is a tree built for your cat.

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There are many sizes and styles cat trees available. Some have many perches and bedrooms while others are smaller with few hiding places. You can even have it with a hanging toy for your cat to enjoy as well. Cat trees have many posts to scratch and train their leg muscles. It also gives them a place to leave their scent. While the crows offer the height they feel to feel like climbing a tree outside.