Care For Corian Kitchen Countertops

Traditional Corian Kitchen Countertops

Corian kitchen countertops are stain resistant and withstand heat up to the boiling water temperature, but they still need regular care to prevent damage. “Darker colors tend to require more attention than brighter colors,” according to DuPont instructions for “Caring for DuPont Corian.” Prevent heat damage by using a hot pad or undercoat under hot pots or frying pans. Use a cutting board instead of slicing food directly on the bench. Protect your investment in Corian counters by following DuPont’s recommendations for cleaning and removing minor stains.

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Wipe the dish dry when wet, with a paper towel or towel. If water dries on the surface, it can eventually build a film that leaves a spotty appearance. If you play strong chemicals, egg. Oven cleaner or paint remover on the corian kitchen countertops, rinse it with water and then wipe it immediately. Clean common dirt, spill and splashes with soapy water or commercial detergent spray to clean the surface of counters, sinks and appliances.

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Apply cleaner, wipe it with a paper towel or cloth, then rinse with plain water and wipe the corian kitchen countertops completely. Detergents that use ammonia also work to avoid even if they are intended for glass, as they can leave a residual product like clouds in targets. Apply a commercial cleaner formulated to remove hard water marks. If the counter shows a few stains or a spotty appearance from the water, it may dry on the surface.