Cape Cod Style House Plans For Occupant’s Protection

Cape Cod House

Cape Cod style house plans are one of the best home designs ever discovered in the seventeenth century in New England. This house is one of many design houses which are very effective to protect it from the weather disturbance. As we all know that the New England area is an area that has a pretty extreme weather. In this area there is a period when the snow will come down heavily to cause the air temperature very low. Therefore, this house has a chimney in the middle of the house that is used as a fireplace to warm temperatures in the house.

The Special Design of the Cape Cod Style House Plans

In addition to the chimney, Cape Cod also has a characteristic that the ceiling is low enough; it has the purpose to keep the temperature or the heat of the fire stay inside. In contrast to other homes that have high ceilings, Cape Cod located in the very cold regions should retain heat as well as possible. This is a very important thing to remember in the winter air temperature in the New England area where this house is located can reach -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Cape Cod Home Plans Has a Very Sloping Roof

The slope of the roof on Cape Cod is made ​​very large; it has the intention to reduce the amount of snow deposited on the roof. The large amount of snow on top of the roof would be very dangerous to the house. When the roof is not able to withstand, the house will soon collapse.

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In addition to a very sloping roof, cape cod also have a main door which was on the south side of the house accompanied by a pair of windows on the left and right. The house and the windows on the south side of the house has a specific purpose, namely to give way to the sun in order to get into the house with more leverage.

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