Butcher Block Table Is A Popular Choice

Antique Butcher Block Table

The simplest thing is to buy a sheet of the material chosen and cut to the right dimensions. The butcher block table is a popular choice, as it is cheap, easy to clean, and large in size for use in kitchens. The granite can also be a good option, but the slabs are so heavy, it will be important to ensure the robustness of the furniture before placing it to avoid future mishaps.

The white butcher block table wood model incorporates an elegant marble slab, providing a classic touch to the design of the kitchen, which fits perfectly with the style of the furniture. Another detail that characterizes an island of classic cuisine is the different hooks and shelves from which hang pots and varied kitchenware. This is one more way to take advantage of the space and place accessible some of the supplements we use most.

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For this butcher block table style of Kitchen Island, you need a desk or a table that has a good support. You can even make a table or surface like the one in the image to match your design with your kitchen. Your creation does not have to be as sophisticated as the models we find in the market, but with a very simple model and the right choice of materials, the result can be spectacular.

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