Building Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack Concept

Wall mounted wine glass rack – In most homes, useful space is limited. One way to create more space to store or even display the supplies is to install a wall shelf, which you can use for everything from storing cleaning products to create space to display a working stereo. Learn all about all the details to build and install a wall mounted wine glass rack.


Square off one end of the shelf card using speed square and circular saw. Measure the length of the board with tape measure, and make two marks with a carpenter’s pencil. Connect the brands, and cutting boards to length. Sand all the edges and corners with medium sandpaper.

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Mark holes of the two brackets which will lie at each end wall mounted wine glass rack. Do this by holding each shelf bracket directly on the vertical pencil lines indicating the center of a vertical wall stud. Drill holes for mounting screws by means of a drill and a drill which is slightly smaller than the round head screws. Do this for both consoles.

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Place the wooden board on top of the two brackets so that the board is properly centered. This means that the overhang on each end will be the same. Then each screw with a screwdriver. Make one screw at a time until each bracket is securely fastened to the bottom of the wooden shelf. Attach the remaining shelf brackets on the wall and the shelf in the same way.