Building Mobile Kitchen Island

Rustic Mobile Kitchen Island

Mobile Kitchen Island is a rugged and versatile piece of furniture that does more than just look good; it also provides extra disk space for cooking and a gathering point for conversation. Islands can be easy to build and modify with color or bets to match all kitchen furnishings


Measure and cut the table legs to a length of 35 inches with the table seen. When the legs are cut, measure and mark where the mobile kitchen island is supported and the apron pieces under the table top should be attached. Apron pieces are pieces of trim that fit under the top of the cart between the legs on the table. Attach a wheel to the underside of each leg with screws. Use lockable wheels so that the trolley can stand still when needed. Cut the bottom shelf supports and the pieces apron. At the short side stitches, measure 28 inches and the front and back should measure 34 inches.

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Attach the bottom shelf supports with screws. Insert the screws in a diagonal through the shelf support and into the table legs. Use two screws on each leg. Measure and cut hardwood strips for the shelf and screw on the support beams that have already been glued into the grooves of the legs. Cut into the mobile kitchen island the cart from a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood. Secure the table top to the top of the base with screws inserted through the inside of the ramp boards around the top of the base and diagonally at the bottom of the kitchen island top.

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