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Chicken coop ideas – A mobile chicken coop is often considered a “chicken tractor.” Coop is small and can accommodate a small number of hens but can be moved from place to place in your garden every day. In this way, the chickens have a new area to scrape and feed on weeds and bugs every day. You can build mobile chicken coop ideas, using pressure-treated lumber dimensional and a roll of chicken wire.


Set aside the rectangle and repeat step 2 create a second rectangle. Position of these boards in every corner of one of the rectangles standing on end on top ends of the 8-foot boards. Attach these four vertical boards to the rectangle with the toe-nailing a screw in the 45-degree angle into each narrow side of the board.

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Fix the door frame to span with a pair of hinge on the back and put a hook latch on the front. Cut two sections of the chicken wire of 8 meters long and attached to the sides of the box frame with a staple gun. Cut two lengths of chicken wire at 5 meters to cover slot and another three sections to cover the remaining top of the box frame outside the door.

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Secure the chicken wire to the box frame with a staple gun. These parts of the rope will make it easier to move the chicken coop ideas around the farm, either by lifting or pulling. Open the door and place the chicks inside the frame. Keep the door securely closed when the birds are inside.

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