Building Kitchen Table With Bench

Wood Kitchen Table With Bench

Kitchen table with bench – Not only can benches seat a large number of people cheaply, but they can be placed against the wall when not in use. You can also use them for viewing. Build your own bench that fits into almost any interior and features reinforced seat construction.


Wide a layer of glue on the cut end of a 2-by-12-by-15 1/2 inch on board, which will be the kitchen table with bench leg. But this to the bottom of one end of a 2-by-12-by-60-inch board – this will be a bench. Make sure at the end of this bench is also with the outside of the bench leg. Drive three nails through the seat at the end of the leg. Repeat step one with the other leg (another two-of-12-by-15 2/1 on board) on the other end of the bench seat to complete the base bench frame. Measure both ends of two 1-by-4-of-61 1/2 inch discs and two 1-of-4-by-13-inch discs.

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Load one of the 1-by-4-by-13-inch discs so that the slanted corners point upwards. Spread a layer of glue on the flat side and place it against the flat side of the kitchen table with bench leg, so the top edge of 1-times-4 is level with the top of the bench. Run four nails in a rut pattern through 1-times-4 and into the lower leg. Repeat step four with the other 1-of-4-by-13-inch aboard the other leg.

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