Building Easy DIY Cat Tree

Easy DIY Cat Tree Antique

Easy DIY cat tree – Cats love to scratch, and if they do not have anything useful to sharpen their nails on, they will choose your wall or furniture instead. Fortunately, you can make your own easy DIY cat tree covered with carpet and sisal ropes for your cats to claw, which will prove to be a saving grace for your home and furnishings. This project requires only basic DIY skills and can be completed in a weekend.


Wrap the rope around the pole as hard as possible. After every tenth wrap, use a hammer to tape rope to keep the lines as close together as possible. Continue until you have reached the end of the rope. Drill a screw in the end of the rope to secure it. Wrap the carpet tightly around the pole and nail the other side too.

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Measure the distance from the bottom of the rope section to the bottom of the post. Nail the carpet to the record you did with the first part of the carpet. Add the carpet upside down on a work surface, and place the wood on top of it. Wrap the carpet around the back of the wood, and nail it in place. This is your easy DIY cat tree base.

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Set the wooden post centered on top of the wooden side of the base. Trace around the post. Mark four seats for screws, one near each corner of the square you just traced. Have a friend hold the post up and down on the ground. Finish drilling screws so they keep the base of the post. Turn the easy DIY cat tree right side up.

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