Building Corner Kitchen Nook

Wood Corner Kitchen Nook

Corner kitchen nook is a great way to exploit otherwise wasted space. Some kitchens do not fit a full sized table, but have plenty of room in one corner for a perfectly useful corner table. This article will show you how to build a corner board that is color class, but you can use the same information with better woods to make a stain worthy table


Use measure tape to measure the area where the corner kitchen nook is going. You need to know how far out of the corner you want your table to extend along the walls, as well as the distance from wall to wall that will make up the front end across the table. Measure plywood and select where to put cuts to fabricate a triangular table top that fits your corner perfectly using measurements from step one. Cut the plywood triangle to size. Use the tape measure and pen to mark where to place four leg brackets. Put them on the long front edge at least 2 inches from the corners.

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Replace them against the front edge sufficiently far enough that they both fit side by side for stability. It’s good to have a gap between them, but hold them as far back as possible to the corner. Use a screwdriver to attach the fasteners to the table top. Attach the table legs to the corner kitchen nook. Sand the whole table, level out uneven edges. Prime, paint and clear the whole table, wait the night between the layers.

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