Build Dog Ramp For Stairs

Dog Ramp For Stairs Car

Dog ramp for stairs – Climbing stairs and standing jumping can be difficult for a dog with hips or joint problems. Many dogs need to use a ramp to climb onto a platform. The construction of a portable ladder will be useful so that they can be mounted on the bed, the car and anywhere else where the dog needs help. Portable ladders are available through many pet stores , but their construction is relatively easy and materials are cheap. You will need basic tools and wood materials that you can get at a local construction shop or hardware store.

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Instructions build dog ramp for stairs with cut four pieces of the 76.2 cm long polyurethane foam insulation board using a razor.  Polyurethane foam insulation boards are available in a standard width of 60.96 cm. Do not change the width. Next, cut two 38.1 cm long sections and set them aside.

Place one of the 76.2 cm foam plates on the floor. Use the soft bristle brush to apply a thin layer of glue to the top of the board. Place the second plate on the top where you just placed the glue. Align the surfaces and gently press to seal the glue. Wait five minutes for the glue to dry. Align the edges on one side to cover half of the surface. Place the board at the top of the glue, line the edges and wait five minutes for the glue to dry.  Use approximate measures to cover the top of the dog ramp for stairs.

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