Build Core Scrap Cat Tree Condo

Faux Fur Cat Tree Condo

Cat tree condo – Do-it-yourself build cat furniture has become very popular. Cats love to scratch, hide and climb as many pet owners invest in cat condos for Kitty enjoyment. Ready cat condos are expensive and after the cat get used to it, often sit unused. Use core scrap cat tree condo ideas to make cheap cat condos at home.

To build core scrap cat tree condo, let’s starting with call Matt Stores and ask for core coils. Or contact your local power company to ask for some wooden spools for free. Often when the coils are older, utilities give them away instead of using them. Although some may charge a nominal fee. Stack two or more rollers on the other. And then secure by screwing them together in about four places where the two plate together. Cut away half of one of the central platforms.

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Creating a semi-circle in the middle of the cat condo. Let the top and bottom of the apartment in full circles. Linda center of nuclei with sisal rope, roll it up tightly. Attach the rope in several places with a staple gun. Fix some dangling batting toys from the underside of the upper platform, which makes the toy hang freely on the side where there is no platform in the middle. Enclose the top and the half circle platform with carpet scrap. Secure the underside with a staple gun. And the core scrap cat tree condo was done.

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