Build A Foldable Dog Ramp For SUV

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New Dog Ramp For SUV

Dog ramp for SUV – Loading your dog and the car can present a real challenge – especially if you have a great race. Keeping a folded dog ramp handy can in the trunk or behind the car save your back, help an elderly or disabled dog and make the experience of your pet on your outings, including a pleasure rather than a concern. A mobile ramp folding dog provides easy, inexpensive projects you can complete in less than an hour.

how to build a foldable dog ramp for SUV, cutting the 3.5-inch-wide baseboard molding in four sections, each 30 inches long, to create cross beam for the ramp. Have a home supply store cut mold if you do not have a saw. Saw or home supply store cut a piece of 16-inch-wide lumber or shelving board into two pieces, each 30 inches long, to create the base of the ramp. Cover the weight of the dog. Use a board that will provide the necessary support.

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Use a hammer and nails to attach the molding on the sides of each section of the lumber or shelving board, to make sure that the bottom edge of the molding is flush with the bottom of the ramp timber. Your dog ramp for SUV now has sides to guide your dog. Cut carpet runners in two sections, each 16 inches wide and 30 inches long. Use a carpet knife or a utility knife to cut your carpet pieces. Join the two ramp halves together with two strong hinges.

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