Brizo Kitchen Faucet Design

Unique Brizo Kitchen Faucet

Brizo kitchen faucet – People do not give much to their crane handles, and when they do, the focus is generally on form of function. Not all cranes are made the same though. Some are more prone to questions that leak, while other better temperature regulation and water flow. The design of your crane handle depends on the type of crane you choose.


Many sinks use ball-style brizo kitchen faucet. You can identify a ball crane through its only handle and the ball-shaped cover over the base of the pipe. This crane style uses many parts and is often more prone to leak than other crane styles. Disc-style cranes, with their lever, are a later development in crane handle technology. Disc cranes consist of a single handle attached to a cylindrical base. This crane style earns its name from the inner ceramic discs sliding over each other to control water flow and temperature.

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Brizo kitchen faucet with separate handles for hot and cold water, are called compression cranes. Typically the handles are rotated in one direction to begin flow and the other direction to turn off the flow of water. It is common in the US to install hot water handles to the left and cold water handle to the right. Compression handle cranes compress a rubber band to block all small amounts of water from flowing and cause drops.

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