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Glass Round Bar Table

Round bar table – The members of the Round Table (which can be from 3 to 6 people, although generally 4) should be chosen, therefore, knowing that they have to hold divergent or opposing positions on the subject to be treated; Either individually or in pairs or flocks. In addition, they must be experts or good connoisseurs of the subject, and able to expose and defend with solid arguments their position. The confrontation of approaches and points of view will allow the audience to obtain varied and fair information on the subject in question, thus avoiding partial, unilateral or biased approaches, possible in any single-person conference.

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The round bar table shapes has a director or coordinator whose functions are mentioned below. As to duration, it is advisable not to extend beyond 60 minutes, to allow later questions that the auditorium wishes to formulate during the period that is considered prudent.

The organizer must also foresee the physical environment where the round bar table, equipment, schedules, invitations, etc. will take place. Members of the Round Table should be located in a setting where they can be seen throughout the auditorium. Generally the coordinator sits in the center, behind a wide table. Check our gallery to inspire you.

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