Best Temporary Chair Lift For Stairs

Temporary Chair Lift For Stairs Designs

Temporary chair lift for stairs is vertical elevators that improve the accessibility of people and can be installed inside or outside the dwellings. However, within this category, we can find different types that will help us avoid some obstacles or others.  What ideal types of stair lift chairs you can find?

Temporary chair lift for stairs is the best option to save architectural barriers in stretches of straight stairs, without turns or slope changes. The chair is operated by means of a lever integrated in one of the arms. In addition, it has two wireless controls to ‘call’ the chair and to go to the desired step. Its seat is padded, rotating and all its elements are foldable.

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Among its safety measures, it has a belt and obstacle detectors. It has a capacity of up to 120 kg. It is powered by a 200W motor powered by two continuous charging batteries at any point along the way. The structure is fixed to the steps of the staircase. If every day that passes you have more difficulties to go up and down the stairs at home, acquiring a temporary chair lift for stairs is the right solution for your problem. We advise you to install stair lifts as they will improve your quality of life. Below, we’ll explain why curved sections are your best option.

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