Bar Table And Stools With Style

White Bar Table And Stools

Bar table and stools – Are you looking for a new piece of furniture for your kitchen? Kitchen stools, for example to beautify next to an American bar. Or perhaps also a lower stool, with height between 35 – 50 cm. Also, on some unexpected occasions when guests are invited, you can use the   kitchen stools , with elegant style and thick padding up to 16 cm, being much more comfortable than, for example a kitchen chair.

The high chairs and tables go very well to give better eating. We have some bar table and stools with the ideal height for our high tables, and others lower for use in countertops and kitchen islands. So the guests and family can keep you company and you do not miss any conversation while you cut the carrots. (They may even give you a hand …).

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It is a matter of taking advantage of the space to the maximum with bar table and stools that occupy little, but they allow to make breakfasts, dinners and even fast foods, creating the illusion of a dining kitchen (you can see more ideas here …). Normally they are tables for 1 or 2 people, but in some cases they can be for more diners … Eating in the kitchen is very practical, and that is why the kitchens with built-in office or open ones that allow sharing the living room table for use in the kitchen .

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