Awesome Style With Dark Granite Countertops

Nice Dark Granite Countertops

Dark granite countertops add instant elegance to the kitchen or bathroom. But if you do not want gray or black as the only colors you decorate the room with. You can use more bold shades to complement granite and add a modern flair to the decor. Or perhaps soft and understated colors better agree with your decorative feelings.

This shocking but sophisticated shade of red is the ideal wall color in a kitchen where the counters are black marble. Red and black is a classic color combination and will give the room a blend of modern flair. And decorative ingenuity and Roman-inspired style. Paint the wall area between dark granite countertops and black chilipeber cabinets red to add an eye-catching line of colors or use chili pepper red on accent wall to provide the right amount of heat to that part of your home used to entertain family and friends. Red also calls for appetite and will remind your loved ones of all the delicious meals you prepare.

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Mix of gray and green, and will give the bathroom a monochromatic feel, as the paint will show the gray and white spots in dark granite countertops. This bright color is refined and can be used to paint the entire bathroom area. It is also the ideal choice for a bathroom with a black and white theme. The green undertones can make granite color appear more intense and add more green accents to the room. Such as green plant and wine events, will bring the decor together.

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