Attach Photo To Acrylic Wine Glasses

Acrylic Wine Glasses Clean

Acrylic wine glasses – Rather than presenting the usual wine glasses on your next event, jazz them up with photographs. You can turn the glasses on wedding favors through the pictures of the wedding party or match images to a theme. Use winter scenes at Christmas, tropical scenes for a luau and pictures of endangered animals and plants on green events.

This may sound expensive, but you can keep costs down by using acrylic wine glasses instead of real glass. Acrylic glasses come in large packages and costs, at most, a dollar a glass of 2011.

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Place each acrylic wine glasses on top of a photo so you can see the image through the base of the glass. Move around the glass until it frames the part of the photo that you want to use. Trace around the base of the glass with a porcelain marker. Cut the round photo.

Turn each glass upside down. Brush the bottom with a thin veneer of clear glazing adhesive. Tap the photo in place. Brush a second coat of glue over the back of each photo. Leave the glasses upside down and let them dry overnight. Apply two coats of glazing glue to the bottom of each glass. Let the glue dry for two hours between coats. After the final layer, the glass let cure for 24 hours.

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