Antique Sleigh Bed Design

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Antique sleigh bed can be a choice for you who want to have the bedding sets that are heavy, big and more durable. Indeed, just like the name, this will give you a traditional and unique bed. The unique or traditional touches from the bed can be seen from the size that is heavier than other bed such as the modern one. It is also bigger, and sure it is stronger or more durable than other designs. This is a good choice if you put this to your traditional bedroom interior design.

Antique Sleigh Bed Design

The design of this antique bed actually has the traditional touches. But sure, it doesn’t mean that you can only apply this beautiful bed to the traditional or rustic design only. You can also apply this bed to other design. Sure, for other design you will need to do some changes. The design of this bed has many benefits than other traditional design of the bed. First is the durability. This bed is made from the tough wood. It is thick and will not easily get damaged including from the weather.

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Therefore, the durability of this bed is guaranteed. Second is the long lasting. Sure, the strong material of the wood can be long lasting, even for years. The original wooden material is coated with the anti-water damaged liquid that can add more protection for the wood. Third is the design. The design of this bed is very traditional and it is really beautiful because of the natural touches.

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Antique Beds Ideas

As you know, by the antique design of this bed, the cost can be much more expensive than other designs with the same size. But sure, this bed has a warm touch that you can feel it when you sleep. Furthermore, if you add it with the comfortable bedding sets such as the cover bed that is very comfortable, it will be perfect.

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