Air Of Sophistication Coffee Table Tray

Coffee Table Tray Acrylic

If there is one thing that matches a coffee table, coffee table tray and orchid, they are books! Look for those with shapes that match the shape of the tray and give preference to hardcover books that bring an air of sophistication. Give preference to collections that speak of artwork and combine the cover colors with the tones of the room! Not every tray needs to be square! If your room is more of the romantic type, the rounded can make all the difference.

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And they still combine with the romanticism of Phalaenopsis orchids! Just try not to overdo it in circular format. Square boxes make an interesting “break”. How about using animal ornaments like dogs or elephants (those with their backs to the door, as a way to bring luck)? And if the idea is to bring direct elements of nature, the shells are very welcome! Since your Phalaenopsis orchid is part of the coffee table tray, bring more elements with signs from the field and from what is not urban.

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If you bought the coffee table tray, you may want to put everything in it. After all, when the kids are playing video games, or when friends come to take a wine, just remove the tray. But care must be taken that it does not become a repository of random things. So it’s worth balancing the elements and leaving a cleaner environment.